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Introducing the SWiTCH ENERGY Advantage program for Your Chamber of Commerce!

Did you know that Chamber Members with qualifying natural gas usage can save up to 30% on their utility bills? Deregulation allows Public Utility customers to purchase natural gas from other suppliers. It has been going on for almost 30 years and you might be surprised who is buys gas that way. NASA, Walmart, PepsiCo, and Frito Lay. Those are big names and big users. You might be surprised how smaller users can save too.

We’re passing that opportunity on to you as a member of your local Chamber.   The SWiTCH Energy Chamber Advantage Program offers chamber members the twin benefits of cost savings on their natural gas usage while also providing a fresh new source of revenue to their local Chamber. 

  • Our business and commercial clients can expect up to a 30% savings on their gas bill annually
  • Creates non-dues revenue for the chamber and helps with local community programming and events.

Chamber Program Features:

  • For every chamber member who signs on with SWiTCH the Chamber will receive quarterly payments of $.05 per dekatherm in earnings that is returned to Chamber of Commerce based off of its members’ natural gas usage on a quarterly basis.
  • SWiTCH and AffinityPlus will provide all materials necessary to complete the conversion process for members.
  • SWiTCH provides the links or buttons on the Chamber page to guide them to learn more or get a Free Consultation.

Chamber Members Features:

  • Members get options to lock into a price for an extended period or ride the index pricing.
  • SWiTCH and AffinityPlus will do all the work. It oversees meter installation and phone line installation, billing changes and marketing to your members.
  • Customer saves 10%-30% off their Natural Gas bill.

As long as you are a member, the Chamber gets revenue based on your gas usage as part SWiTCH’s “giving back to the community” initiative.

For More Information Click Here!!

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Participating Chambers

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